Idle Pilot

Idle Pilot was formed in 2013 in Lowell, MA by three likeminded individuals that serendipitously met after their previous projects fizzled (Bad Television, Catcher of The Fly). Growing tired of traditional song writing they set out to create music with unconventional structure that is not confined to any genre walls. The band has self-coined the term ‘post-whatever’ to describe themselves but are very much rooted in the post-hardcore/math-rock sound that permeated the 90s underground music scene. Heavy, pounding drums by Evan Lord perfectly blend with the mathy guitar riffage and fuzzed out bass from multi-instrumentalists Alex Miller and Mike Searcy. After self-releasing both an EP in 2013 and an album in 2014, the band signed with Ocelot Records to re-release their debut full-length album ‘Mondegreen’ which has been very well received. Never wanting to become stagnate the band has been busy honing their craft writing their follow-up full-length. Looking forward to a Spring 2016 release, this new album shows the band growing and expanding their sound to create something truly unique that fans of all different genres can come together and enjoy.