Head vs. Heart Tapes was built out of the necessity to give a proper outlet to the numerous emerging artists and bands that don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Working out of the greater Boston area we are a pure labor of love; what we lack in manpower is offset by our passion for music and the care that we put into each of our releases. We primarily focus on (but are not limited to) short-run cassette production and duplication however we also strive to promote and spread the word of our releases because we truly believe in the music we invest our time into. Rather than spotlighting artists of a singleĀ genre we prefer to bring together like minded individuals regardless of style. The term DIY is thrown around a lot but in our case we truly do everything ourselves and wouldn’t have it any other way. Like the artists we work with we aim to be genuine and honest, this is not about money but rather the love of unique, original music.